Our Process : Hudson Pendleton Financial Group

Our Process

At Hudson Pendleton Financial Group, our experiences with our clients have taught us that not all decisions involving money are financial. Quite often, people make decisions based on how something makes them feel-not necessarily what makes the most sense for their balance sheet. By taking a step back and understanding not only someone’s future goals, but also their past experiences with money, we can develop a customized plan that they will feel good about. By implementing a fiscally sound plan that both understand and are confident in, our clients are able to stay committed to their plan and avoid the common behavioral mistakes that the overwhelming majority of people fall victim to. With our financial decisions being made within the context of your life and what you are trying to achieve, we not only improve the likelihood of “success” as defined by you, but also gain something we deem invaluable:

Peace of Mind

Our Process:

1 - Discover your concerns and objectives

2 - Provide a clear analysis and projection of your personal and business financial information

3 - Plan possible strategies to achieve your goals

4 - Recommend and collaborate with your circle of advisors

5 - Implement and follow up with your plan

6 - Monitor and review your plan and monitor it over time

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