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Our Clients

At Hudson Pendleton Financial Group, we specialize in helping individuals, families and growing businesses manage their complex and unique financial needs. While we work everyday to exceed the expectations of all our clients, we have developed a deep expertise to the complex financial landscape for the following:

Physicians and Health Care Professionals: We know everyone’s time is valuable and limited, but for physicians it seems to be stretched even further. Whether you are fresh out of residency or nearing retirement, your obligations to your patients, your practice and your family often leave little time for you to focus on your own financial well-being. As a health care professional, you can appreciate the value of a second opinion. You also know first-hand the potential consequences of patients diagnosing themselves. When it comes to your financial health, are you doing the same? Read More

Entertainment Industry Professionals: Working in the entertainment industry creates unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to the management and protection of your wealth. On the one hand, you earn a high income which affords you some incredible opportunities to grow your assets, but on the other hand, it comes in unpredictable spurts and your career span may be shorter than in other industries. In order to grow and protect what you’ve worked so hard to earn, it’s important that you have the right financial professional looking after you and helping you make wise financial decisions to benefit you and those you care about. Read More

Business Owners and Executives: Being the boss is a full time job. You do all you can for your company, your clients and your employees, but what about you? Are you confident you are doing all you can for your personal wealth by taking full advantage of the unique opportunities that are available to someone in your position? At work, you rely on your team for your business to be successful. Shouldn’t you approach your personal success in the same manner? Read More

Retirees: Retirement means something different to all of us. You may want to travel the world, visit the grandkids, play more golf or just relax. While your definition of retirement is unique to you, the question we all must answer is the same, “Will my money outlive me or will I outlive my money?” While the question itself seems simple, very few people truly know the answer. Do you? Read More

Regardless of their occupation or stage in life, our clients look to us to be their trusted advisor. That is not something we take lightly. We work hard everyday to help them stay committed to their plan and ultimately achieve financial success as defined by them.

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